Our Team

We are a team made up of experienced beauty professionals and we believe in doing a better job even for the beauty of each client. With dedication and seriousness in each of the areas.


Born in Buenos Aires, Roberto experienced early the possibility of finding work in a hair salon and a vocation seeing clients leaving the salon renovated to have a different style and discovering the world of beauty is a profession that has allowed their expression through hands and that having great teachers in the world of beauty in Buenos Aires. The year was 1993 when only 17 years dreamed big out of the suburbs of Buenos Aires to meet to receive the great opportunities offered by this profession starting out small and going to be one of the great stylists in salons renowned. In 2000 decided to change course traveling to America and explore new horizons in 2004 founded Hair Design Staff Schwarz, naming the mother’s maiden name (Schwarz) in honor of his mother who inspired him, seeing as sack supports his family as a woman. For that reason, today’s woman needs to feel free in their hair. Roberto Schwarz dedicated hard with his team, to satisfy their customers, honoring them with the appropriate service according to their needs, knowing that looking good on the outside, gives security saw the modern woman of today’s business.
Providing excellent service to all families of Doral, Miami!

Robert Schwarz

CEO, Schwarz Staff

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Hair Stylist, Schwarz Staff